Rules for Fortnite Scrims



  • The Staff have the right to kick or ban any player if they break any rules
  • Moderators and staff cannot override a written rule
    • If a rule is written wrong or is misleading a ‘higher up’ will have the final say
  • Treat everyone how you want to be treated, you must respect all staff members
    • Staff members are volunteers so you cannot get mad at them for how quick they respond or update information
  • Any use of aim assistance or hacks of any kind will result in a ban
    • An exploit of any glitch will result in a kick
      • If the exploit allowed you to win the game the game will not count
  • All PC players must use a mouse and keyboard and all console players must use a controller
  • Don’t be toxic
    • Meaning that you shouldn’t be racist or talk trash about other teams
      • Over excessive trash talking will result in a ban from Greenline
    • Do not disrespect moderators or staff members, doing so will result in a ban

Reporting Wins

  • When reporting a win you must go to the Report a Win page under the scrim section
  • You must provide a video of the whole game and include the moderators voice doing the queue countdown
  • All videos must be streamed on twitch, we do not accept YouTube live or recorded videos
    • Wins must be reported by 11pm EST, if it is past 11pm EST it will not be accepted
  • On the sheet you must also report the date and the game number
  • The person streaming must be the lobby leader, and all content must be loaded before hand
    • You cannot block the server number on your stream, we have to at least see the last 3
  • You must play on NAE servers if you are playing in the NA bracket
  • All videos cannot be deleted until after 14 days after the game
  • You must record from the queue till the end with the screen showing victory
  • You must follow all of these rules for the win to be counted

Leaderboard Status

  • All teams must register each season
    • Roster changes are allowed between each season
  • Wins are updated on the leaderboard anywhere from 24-48 hours after the game
  • A win is added if the video meets the requirements and the team wins

Fighter League

  • Fighter League is 4 weeks long with a week break in between
  • 1st place of the Rival league moves on to the Warrior League

Warrior League

  • Warrior League is 8 weeks long with a week break in between
  • 1st place of the Warrior League moves on to the

Rival League

  • Rival League is 8 weeks long with a week break in between
  • Top 10 at the end of the season remains in the Rival League
    • Anyone below 10 gets moved down to Warrior League

Team Rules

  • There must be at least four people on your team, and a minimum of three must play
    • The maximum amount of players on a team is five
  • Three players must be playing for the win to count
    • You are allowed an alternate player, but three players listed on the roster must play
  • A win will count if three players are playing in the video
  • A roster change must be made before the 5 minute countdown
    • Each team is allowed two roster changes per season
      • The team captain (the first player listed on the roster) must make the roster change using their special 5 digit code
    • You are only allowed to change two players at a time
  • Any player caught impersonating another team’s player or captain will result in a ban from Greenline
  • The team must have at least half of it’s original roster for wins to count


  • Rival is invite only
    • Professional teams may request to be put in Rival League but all rulings will be made by staff
  • All Rival League teams must have four players and are only allowed roster changes between four week intervals
    • Half of the original team must be on the roster from the beginning to the end of the season
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