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Welcomes and Farewells

Today Arctik eSports says farewell to Owner, SpamZzOG.

SpamZz is taking time off for personal reasons but will be back! SpamZz established Arctik back in April 2018 and created a very skilled team. SpamZz handed down his ownership to current leader, Monday. We have no doubt that Monday will do an equally as good job as SpamZz and expect wonderful things to come.

We wish SpamZz all the luck in the future!

In other news, Arctik also welcomes two new members!

Glen has filled the fourth slot on Arctik and brings an amazing skill set to the team. Glen has a 20% overall win rate, a 4.50 KD overall and a 6.50 KD weekly. Glen currently fills the role of sniper and support.

Tito has filled the alternate player slot and is an extremely skilled builder. Tito currently holds a 4.76 KD and has 137 wins, as well as 700+ wins from PUBG. Tito is also Arctik’s current montage editor!


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