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Arctik eSports is Currently Looking for Players!

Arctik eSports is a Fortnite competitive team owned by SpamZzOG and sponsored by Greenline Gaming. Arctik features players with over 4.0K/D ratios and over 300 wins. Currenty, Arctik is looking for one permanent member and alternate players. Right now Arctik has 3 team members, Clix, Monday, and Arc. Owner, SpamZzOG is an alternate player but is looking to fill the team.

The minimum requirements are as stated:

  • 150+ wins
  • 3.5KD+ ovr
  • Good Building Skills
  • Available for scrims minimum of 3 days a week

Bonuses are given for a player with a twitch account with over 1k followers and/or an affiliate program.

Benefits for joining the team are:

  • A fun and friendly team
  • A UMG Prime account
  • $5 UMG cash
  • Weekly withdrawals
  • Paid entry into tournaments

If you are a streamer the benefits don’t just end there. Streamers with a following of over 5k and/or an affiliate program gets Arctik shirts and a jersey to wear while streaming!

If you have what it takes join Arctik’s discord and we’ll get you started on the tryout process.




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